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Hank Saulless was a master builder, but now he's dead. The three women he left behind--Eileen, his wife; Katya, his bookkeeper; and Hildey, a young woman he met many years ago--are all living in his house. They must reconcile their ideas of him, their ideas of each other, and what it means to be a woman in a man's world.


This dark comedy takes place in a greasy spoon, run by foul-mouthed matriarch Miss Betty and frequented by regulars like the kindhearted but totally incoherent Brooks. Two pressed and prim professors, Khent and Izzie, stop in for lunch—but they get more than a bad case of heartburn thanks to Liza and Gunner, a pair of teenaged troublemakers. Part raucous societal commentary, part sinister cat-and-mouse tale, Counter/Top forces us to consider what our own upbringings say about us, and to what lengths we’ll go to hide them.

PROD: Aug 2017 - MadLab Theatre July 2015 - Endstation Theatre


In a bizarro Victorian reality, a lot of the men are missing. Marg is the prime suspect. She has a servant, a mansion, a history, and a secret...and the women of the town will tolerate it no longer. CHOPS is a dark comedy of manners about the truths we ignore, the lies we accept, and the love we hate. 

PROD: July 2014 - NOLA Project; Aug 2013 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Dec 2012 - Matignon High School; Mar 2011- EmStage


A man wakes up in a secluded cabin owned by three young sisters who claim they saved his life. And maybe they did. Maybe. A one-act, modern-day reimagining of the Siren myth.

PROD: May 2016 - UCR New Play Festival



Mo, a young girl, lives in the perfect suburb. But when she stumbles across a secret hidden in the town square gazebo, Mo is forced to confront the price of perfection and question whether her town deserves the happiness it designed.


1 in 5 college females report being sexually assaulted on campus. And if college campuses aren't going to do anything about it, then Addie and Reese will--and tonight is one man's comeuppance.


This half-hour comedy explores golden ages of American history, but from the untold (and totally unfounded) perspective of the women behind the scenes. The first season puts us in in the days leading up to the Declaration of Independence. While the Founding Fathers are off in Philly trying to play nice, the Founding Mothers have their hands full battling the witches of Salem who hope to bring the country down before it even begins.


Beni's just gotten her dream job: personal assistant to a Hollywood celebrity family. Well, a B-list celebrity family. But this dream job might turn out to be a nightmare. A half-hour dramedy