Set for Endstation Theatre Company's July 2015 production.


    COUNTER/TOP, by Kirin McCrory

    • 90-pages, no intermission
    • 3F/3M
    • single-location set
    • dark comedy


    The play takes place in a greasy spoon, run by foul-mouthed matriarch Miss Betty and frequented by regulars like the kindhearted but totally incoherent Brooks. Two pressed and prim professors, Khent and Izzie, stop in for lunch—but they get more than a bad case of heartburn thanks to Liza and Gunner, a pair of teenaged troublemakers. Part raucous societal commentary, part sinister cat-and-mouse tale, Counter/Top forces us to consider what our own upbringings say about us, and to what lengths we’ll go to hide them.