"Kirin is a dynamic writing teacher and peerless provider of insightful feedback and constructive critique across multiple genres and disciplines of writing.

Her approach to working with people is dialogic, supportive, and rigorous – she listens effectively, she builds trust, and then offers articulate, effective strategies and suggestions to not only improve a particular piece of writing, but help those she works with to develop insight into their own methods of expression in order to become better writers on their own."

- Hillary Jenks, PhD

Entrusting your work to someone else is always scary, whether it's a close friend or a stranger on the internet. But perfecting a piece of writing requires an outside eye--and, with significant professional experience in editing, proofreading, giving feedback, and doctoring writing across mediums, you can trust mine. I can work with you at any stage, whether your writing is on the page or in your head, for a passion project or on a tight deadline, whether you need a soundboard for brainstorming or want a ghostwriter for your great idea.

In short, I can offer informed, enthusiastic, and transformative help with whatever writing project you've got going on.


My approach to ANY writing consultation is built on three things:

  • understanding the rules of the genre (and knowing when to break them!)
  • extracting and refining the writer's intentions and vision
  • revising with clarity and transparency so writers become self-sufficient

There are a lot of consultation services out there, and you can pay anywhere from $100 to $2000 to put your work in another's persons hands. You will get your money's worth if you choose to work with me. Click on the category you're interested in below to read more about what I can do. If you have any questions about anything, shoot me an email. I have suggested prices that are competitive and reasonable to give you an idea of my price range--but to ensure that both your work and my time are equally valued, I price every consultation on an individual basis. Fill out an inquiry form (click here!), and I will work with you to craft an agreement that we both feel good about. I accept QuickPay, PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App.

To help combat systemic inequalities in our education, economic, and artistic systems, I am always happy to negotiate with marginalized writers.



Script Consultation (Theatre, TV, Film)

Benefit from a reader who prioritizes YOUR vision and helps uncover the facets of your own work. Receive in-depth notes and feedback on concepts, outlines, loglines, Bibles, episodes, short films/plays, and full-length plays and scripts.


Manuscripts (SCholarly, literary)

Receive fast and efficient brainstorming help, editing, and proofreading on scholarly articles, essays, papers, and manuscripts, as well as workshop-style feedback of personal or non-fiction essays, short-stories, and novellas/novels.


Employment materials

Get noticed for the job you want and make sure your resumés, cover letters, artistic statements, teaching statements, personal statements, etc. are concise, polished, and engaging before you submit them. Fast turnaround available for additional fees.


Kirin McCrory is truly a play-whisperer. With an effortless honesty, her notes are always based in the existing text. She mines the play for what is there before inquiring what wants to be there or what is missing. In this way, a dramaturgy session with Kirin is almost a conversation with the play itself. She has a real gift, and my work is better because of her!
— Jiréh Breon Holder, playwright
Kirin has the exceptional capability of helping with both the technical elements of writing, as well as the aesthetic/stylistic aspects. As a result, she is able to do something extremely rare: unlock and refine a writer’s vision, rather than re-write from her own perspective.
— Matthew Kellen Burgos, playwright/director
I’m very protective about my work and don’t like to share it with many people but I instantly felt comfortable working with Kirin. She’s very calm and honest. I also really like brainstorming with her because she asks clear questions and can follow me along in my jumping all over the place. Most importantly, I really appreciate her unwavering belief in me and in my work.
— Xiomara Forbez, PhD student
I met all consultants at the University of California, Riverside graduate writing center, and I can say Kirin was definitely the best! I recommend her to everyone.
— UCR Graduate Student
Kirin was excellent—extremely helpful in framing ideas, restructuring arguments, and bringing the best of my thoughts into writing.
— UCR Graduate Student
An editor who honors the voice of the writer while energizing the author to activate their language through succinct review is both balm and provocation – and should you be fortunate, Kirin McCrory.

Within two sessions I not only received revisions that honed and elevated my narrative, but came away with more sureness and approaches to self-edit and compose stronger methodological writing.

Kirin’s ability to craft edits that guide an artist through self-evaluation and thoroughness are career changing.
— Ebony Blanding, screenwriter/director
Kirin has a professional and responsible demeanor, is committed to working hard on the behalf of the writer, and has demonstrated profound cultural sensitivity in her work with writers diverse in race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and ability levels.
— Hillary Jenks, PhD
a bad bitch with them edits
— EB, artist
Kirin McCrory is a phenomenal script analyzer and enhancer. She delves deep into the world of the play and focuses on the story the writer is telling. Her feedback cuts away outlining elements that may distract from theatricality and plot, encouraging the characters to shine through. She truly allowed my work to uncover its authentic voice so that the revision and refining processes were much easier to walk through.
— Amina S. McIntyre, playwright
Kirin is one of the most intelligent readers I’ve encountered as a writer. She has a keen eye for detail and the ability to identify patterns within a script or piece of prose that are often invisible to others. Not only does she diagnose problems within a text, but she also provides workable solutions that fit seamlessly into the larger work. I can not recommend her highly enough.
— Jessica Chiarella, novelist
Kirin is a brilliant reader with a deep understanding of writing and story structure. She has an uncanny ability to not just identify underlying issues in a text, but provide potential solutions that align with an individual writer’s sensibilities. I have never once sent a project to Kirin that did not become stronger thanks to her constructive, comprehensive, and insightful feedback.
— Sean Dennison, screenwriter
Kirin has this ability to cut to the core of your story, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses with precision. I’ve found myself gaining a greater understanding of my work and its potential when working with Kirin.
— Elford Alley, playwright
English is not my first language, and Kirin’s editing, sentence-structure, and summarizing has been extremely helpful. She edits my 15-pages papers very fast, which is perfet for my tight deadlines. She is also great with brainstorming. Sometimes, I struggle with knowing what to write because I have too many arguments/ideas in my head—but Kirin is great at helping create outlines and extracting what is in my head which I cannot explain with words.
— Maïko Le Lay, PhD student
Kirin’s helped me develop nearly every script I’ve written in the past decade, and there’s no one I trust more to put eyes on something I’m, in its development, so protective of. Her feedback is always to the point, but never harsh. Thorough without being indulgent. Not once have I felt threatened by a note she has given me, but rather, felt that she always had the script’s best intentions in mind.
— Joshua Mikel, actor/playwright